Ten Bucks Well Spent

A mere mile and a half from my house is the Western Museum of Mining and Industry. I went there once when my son was a cub scout . . . that kid is now driving. I vaguely recalled a table with rocks the same size that weighed vastly different amounts. The topic of the week in Geology 111  is minerals, and  with density a defining feature, I coughed up the $10 admission fee to checked it out again. It did not disappoint. Continue reading “Ten Bucks Well Spent”

What are those rocks?

I’m excited to start a new semester, and particularly excited to be taking Geology 111. Our first assignment is a blog with the prompt, “Geology in my everyday life.” For me, this means all the cool formations I see when I’m out on epic adventures, and it boils down to:

  • What are those rocks?
  • How were they formed?
  • How did they get there?
  • Why do they look different from other rocks?

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Hiking, Adobe, and Chronic Migraines

Last week I hiked a local mountain called Blodgett Peak with my good friend Randy. It climbs 2500 feet in just 2 miles. This was not an easy hike. Most of the mountain is controlled by the Forest Service, so the trails are neither marked nor maintained. It has steep inclines that increase in height with each step, with ridiculous amounts of loose gravel piled up on the slope. A good chunk of the hike consists of rock scrambling. I felt apprehensive because I knew the hike would be difficult, with an increased likelihood of getting lost.

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