Roche Moutonnée, Private Eye

It was a dark and stormy night.

Feeling the need to visit a recharge area, I went down to Jimmy’s Flowing Artesian Well for a little ice cap.

I nursed my drink with thoughts deep in a glacial trough.

Then she walked in.

Her basal slip clung tightly to her curves, emphasizing a lovely hanging valley. Her zone of accumulation was verging on D”; I could picture myself getting lost in the crevasse, if you get my glacial drift. Gaining stream, I moved to the chair next to her. She had Bambi eyes– dark caverns with long, capillary fringes. Her lips, a zone of saturation that sent my imagination treading groundwater. I introduced myself. “Roche Moutonnée. Pleased to meet you.” “Law. Darcy ‘S. Law.” Her voice was soft and steamy, a stratified drift that set my ears plucking hopefully.

But then she turned, sensing a surge at the door as he walked in. She rose off the bar stool and into his arms like a geyser.  A cone of depression descended on me as my intentions for the evening were diverted into a zone of wastage. Losing stream, I paid for my drinks and made my way to the discharge area. Time to ground this terminal end moraine. Until tomorrow, anyway.

A glacier in Norway. Photo on Visualhunt

Ten Vocabulary words for you!
Roche Moutonnée: An asymmetrical knob of bedrock that is formed when glacial abrasion smooths the gentle slope facing the advancing ice sheet and plucking steepens the opposite side as the ice overrides the knob.

Darcy’s Law: An equation which states that groundwater discharge depends on the hydraulic gradient, hydraulic conductivity, and cross-sectional area of an aquifer.

Hanging Valley: A tributary valley that enters a glacial trough at a considerable height above the floor of the trough.

Capillary Fringe: A relatively narrow zone at the base of the zone of aeration. Here water rises from the water table in tiny, threadlike openings between grains of soil or sediment.

Basal Slip: A mechanism of glacial movement in which the ice mass slides over the surface below.

Zone of Accumulation: The part of a glacier that is characterized by snow accumulation and ice formation. The outer limit if this zone is the snowline.

Zone of Wastage: The part of a glacier beyond the snowline, where annually there is a net loss of ice.

Cone of Depression: A cone-shaped depression in the water table immediately surrounding a well.

Recharge Area: A place where groundwater is being replenished.

Discharge Area: A place where groundwater is flowing back to the surface.



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