+/- one degree = still cold.

This weeks prompt: Personal examples of climate change.

Well now, that’s easy. Because my husband flew B-52s. And if you know anything about B-52s . . . aside from the fact that their wingspan (182 feet) is longer than the Wright Brother’s first flight . . . that the latest model was built in 1961 and the fleet is still flying . . . that their max gross weight is 244 tons . . . that they need a 2 mile-long runway that’s extra wide . . . that they have landing gear on their wingtips . . . . Well, as I was saying, if you know anything about B-52s, you know that they are located at only two Air Force bases, one of which is in Minot, North Dakota.

We lived there three different times between 1994 and 2008. I’m not going to lie: winter there sucks. But the later years were nothing like the earlier years.

My first full winter there, 1995, the temperature gauge never reached zero in January. I mean, a high of zero degrees. One winter morning I went outside to move the trash can to the curb. I was outside for about three minutes. When I came back in, I crumbled over the furnace vent and sobbed. Later I found out the temperature with windchill that morning was 80′. And my husband remembers a cold morning that was actually too cold to fly the planes: 104′. Granted, it was the old system of measuring windchill, but trust us, Minot gets cold.

Some 1996 pictures from my scrapbook:


But then when we moved back to North Dakota from 2000-2002, winters didn’t seem that cold. We returned again between 2005-2008 and in comparison, winters were downright balmy. So, all I need to do is show that North Dakota’s temps are on the rise.

from: http://statesatrisk.org/north-dakota/extreme-heat
from: http://statesatrisk.org/north-dakota/extreme-heat

And it seems that’s the case. But look closely: it’s only an increase of 1.4 degrees.

It sure seemed warmer to me.


just maybe,

I grew stronger.



Did you read the street sign in the featured image? I saw it while biking and turned around to capture that photo.

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